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Jeff Lofton

Austin-based jazz trumpeter and composer


Compared to What

by Jeff Lofton, ft. Murali Coryell on vocal and guitar, 

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- Customer Name, City

Shana's Song

by Jeff Lofton Quartet, Jazz to the People, 2009


"Fans of Jazz in Austin are no strangers to legend Jeff Lofton. For those who haven't discovered him yet, here's a quick bio: Studied music composition at The University of South Carolina, moved to Austin in 2007 at the Age of 40, and has been shaking up the scene with his stunning Miles Davis tributes and his own original music with his groups The Jeff Lofton Trio and Jeff Lofton Electric Thang. Hearing his sound, the Miles Davis references and tributes make sense. Lofton has a sense of phrasing and musicality that rival those of the Prince of Darkness himself." - KUTX 98.9 FM, Austin's NPR station 

Click here to listen for the JLQ's performance in studio 1a with Dr. James Polk, Tomas Ramirez, Jimmy Blazer and Steve Mankenberg, from Sunday, April 23, 2017 on Jazz with Jay Trachtenberg .


"Born in Germany and raised in South Carolina, trumpeter Jeff Lofton has risen as a cornerstone of the Austin scene since landing 10 years ago. He switches easily from NOLA swing to the birth of cool, exploring jazz-funk with the Jeff Lofton Electric Thang 
and earning rave reviews for his Miles Davis tribute performances."

100 Local SXSW Music Acts, Austin Chronicle, March 17, 2017

Boo's Bounce

by Jeff Lofton Electric Thang, Chasing the Voodoo Down, Live at the Cactus Cafe, 2011

Herbie's Time

by Jeff Lofton Quartet, Jazz to the People, 2009

Georgia on My Mind

by Jeff Lofton Quartet, Jazz to the People, 2009

Headless Blues

by Jeff Lofton Quartet, Jazz to the People, 2009


by Jeff Lofton Quartet, Jazz to the People, 2009